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12-Inch Figures (also referred to as Premium Figures or 15-Inch Figures[1]) were a series of figures that were planned to be released in autumn 2016 for Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition.[2] They were going to be taller (not necessarily twelve inches[3]) versions of some of the series' most popular characters.[4] However, rather than being direct copies of their smaller counterparts, they were to have had different movesets and gameplay to help set them apart, along with being more detailed figures and having the ability to light up.[4] They would have sold for $45.00 U.S.D. each.[4]


Skellington 12in

Premium Jack Skellington's design.

So far, 9 characters have been confirmed to have been in development (to varying degrees of completion) as 12-Inch Figures:

They would have used Raid Battles, after which you unlock a normal sized character.


Premium boxsketch hulk 01 nogrey

Concept art of Premium Hulk.

Each of the figures received a redesign for their 12-inch variants.

  • Buzz Lightyear would have kept the same design, but his figure would have been repositioned to now be blasting off with his jetpack. The base seen in the concept art is simply plain grey, but this may have merely been a placeholder.
  • Darth Vader would have also retained his basic design, but his figure would have been repositioned so that he would be standing with his lightsaber drawn and held out in front of him in a menacing stance. His base would have also changed from a metal floor to a rock bed floating on top of a pool of lava.
  • Elsa, who likely underwent the most changes of any of the characters who received 12-inch redesigns, would have been shown wearing her green, flowery dress from Frozen Fever rather than the icy, blue dress sported by her older, smaller counterpart. She also would have worn her sheer green cape from the film, as well as a purpleish-pink flower in her hair. She would have been repositioned so that, instead of the intense, ready-to-fight stance given to her original figure, she would be much happier, with a Snowgie in her hand. The base seen in the concept art is simply plain grey, but this may have merely been a placeholder.
  • Hulk would have retained his original design, but he would have been repositioned. Instead of simply standing in place like the original Hulk figure, this Hulk would have been positioned in the middle of performing a ground pound. His base would also have been changed from a broken sidewalk to rubble and red dirt.
  • Hulkbuster would again have retained his design, but his figure would have been repositioned so that, instead of simply standing in a combat-ready battle stance, it would now be hovering above the ground with its rocket boots.
  • Jack Skellington would have yet again kept his basic design, but been repositioned. While the original figure simply depicted Jack standing in place, the new figure would have shown him leaning forward and gazing at a snowflake he was holding. Also, his base was again redesigned. The original base was simply Jack standing on a grey wooden floor with a swirl design, but this base was much more detailed, depicting a snowy Halloweentown with two Jack-O-Lanterns and a spooky fence atop the stony sidewalk.
  • Lightning McQueen would have kept his character design, but his pose would have been changed. While the original figure showed McQueen simply parked in place, the new figure depicted McQueen in the middle of a race, leaning back on his two back tires and emitting large clouds of smoke from his exhaust pipes. His base would have mostly remained the same as in the original.


Some gameplay footage of some of the characters has been revealed, giving us a glimpse of what their gameplay would likely have looked like.[12][13]

  • Darth Vader's new melee attacks were reasonably similar to those of the original figure, consisting exclusively of lightsaber swings. The main difference is that he did more flourishes, such as twirling around in between attacks.
  • Hulk was to receive a new set of punches and ground pounds, as well as a new set of attacks in which he clapped his hands together to create a sonic pulse which would blast enemies away.
  • Hulkbuster had a new set of punches, as well as what was presumably a special combo move in which he would juggle enemies in the air by rapidly punching them and then pummel them on the ground with his fists in a very cartoonish way.
  • Jack Skellington's melee set received a complete makeover. Now, Jack would integrate his scare move into his combos, and would attack in a much more flamboyant way, twirling around in between hits and using high kicks. He could also use Sandy Claws' toy sack from the movie to grab enemies and pull them towards him (in a similar way to how the Grappling Hook is used) and then beat them over the head with it. (Every time he hit an enemy, presents would fall out.) In yet another new move, Jack could do the splits and twirl around, knocking nearby enemies off their feet. Finally, in what was presumably his Special Move, Jack could summon the costume versions of Shock, Lock, and Barrel to fight for him.


TB2GIYoeb5K.eBjy0FfXXbApVXa !!406610423

The image of the premium Hulk figure prototype leaked by Taobao.

  • On December 22, 2016, YouTuber Disney Dan reported that Chinese retailer Taobao (the same retailer that had previously leaked the Disney Infinity 3.0 Disney Originals figures) had put up a listing for the prototype version of the premium Hulk figure. It showed an image of the figure next to a can of Coca-Cola, giving an illustration of how tall it was (not quite twelve inches, but taller than any normal Infinity figure).[3][14][15] He then bought the figure to get a closer look, but the figure apparently never arrived.[16]
    • Later, on January 9, 2017, Sheriff Woody of disneyinfinityfans.com got a hold of one of the prototype and posted a video of the figure standing next to the original Hulk figure.[16]
  • It is rumored that the Lightning McQueen premium figure was scrapped prior to the cancellation of the games after making it fairly far along in production.[17] This could explain why he was not mentioned in the original Kotaku article that revealed the 12-Inch Figures.
    • One possible reason for this is that the team could not figure out a way to make him play differently enough from his original figure to justify making another version of him.
  • Data for Premium Luke and Obi-Wan can be found in the game files, though no pictures have ever been released of what their figures might have looked like. This may imply they didn't get very far into development.
  • According to Avalanche Software artist Bryan Allen, as soon as he finished making the rendering of premium Darth Vader, the game was cancelled.[1]


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