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A Frozen World
Creator Michael M

A Frozen World was a Featured Toy Box created by Michael M. It was not part of any specific challenge. It was featured on 11/27/14 during the period where the deadline to enter the Gravity Falls Challenge was being extended to give creators more time to build a toy box, and thus was not a part of any challenge.

Toy Box Description

"Make your way to the frozen battle arena with lots of enemies. Get eliminated three times and it's over."


  • This was one of five non-challenge themed toy boxes featured that week, the others being Pixie Hollow Hunt, Grootball, Wonderland, and Sugar Rush: The Board Game.
  • This toy box, along with the other toy boxes featured along with it this week, was one of the first user generated featured toy boxes from Disney Infinity 2.0 to not be created for a specific challenge.
  • According to Toy Box TV, this toy box was, at the time it was featured, one of the most downloaded and most liked 2.0 toy boxes ever made.
  • Toy Box TV refers to the creator of this toy box as Michael M., but the official Disney Infinity website refers to him as inf10748283.