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  • Can't let that happen again.
  • Hey, I'm Aladdin. Nice to meet ya.
  • I get to try again? Great!
  • I'm feeling better already!
  • Just keeping you on your toes!
  • Let's try this again!
  • Now this is getting good!
  • Oh, yeah! Now we're talking!
  • Okay, this time I'll get it!
  • One more try. I can do this!
  • Pretty soon, I'll be as powerful as Genie!
  • That one was kinda your own fault.
  • This just keeps gettin' better!
  • (sigh) Well, guess I learned my lesson.
  • Well, here goes nothing.
  • Whoa, this is amazing!
  • Whoa! Guess I don't know my own strength!
  • Would you knock it off?
  • Wow! That was lucky!