Inside Out
Just point him in the right direction and let him go to work. Anger is hopping mad.
HexIcoN-game-Inside Out IcoN-Edition-3.0
Model INF-1000217
Costume Anger Costume
Voiced by Lewis Black[1]
Combat Ranged
Special Move Wave of Emotion

Anger is a character from the Pixar Inside Out film, and is included in the Inside Out Play Set. He may be used in:

He was originally revealed to be playable by a leak. He comes with Joy in the Inside Out Play Set, which was released at launch.[2]


Anger is the only one of the five emotions that can walk across hot lava without it harming him (though he can only do this in the Inside Out Play Set for functionality reasons). He can throw memory orb fireballs which are also chargeable with his "Furious Fire" skill, and punches with "Fit of Rage" as a combo attack.[3] His Special Move is "Wave of Emotion", which "floods the area around him with a field of rage that damages his opponents."


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  • Well, look who decided to show up, me!
  • Oh yeah. Maybe if we just hang around here long enough, Riley's problems will solve themselves.
  • Imagination land is up to the rafters in utter turmoil, and we're just hangin' out here?!


  • As is the case with the other Inside Out Figures, Anger's figure has a memory orb at the bottom, which glows slightly when the figure is placed on the Infinity Base.[4] Anger's is red, the color of an angry memory in the film.
  • He's one of the shortest characters in Disney Infinity, he shares this distinction with Dash, Vanellope, Phineas, Agent P, Stitch and Olaf.


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