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Preview-character-Anna's Chilling Challenge
Anna's Chilling Challenge Icon-1.0-multi  
Prove your royal skills in this chilling challenge by collecting the most objects before time runs out.
Type Character
Genre Platformer
Character Anna
Players Multi
Cars? No
Medal-1.0-Bronze Bronze 10 Points
Medal-1.0-Silver Silver 50 Points
Medal-1.0-Gold Gold 85 Points

Anna's Chilling Challenge is Anna's multi player Character Adventure in Disney Infinity 1.0. Characters from Cars cannot be used in this Adventure.

The goal is to earn as many points as possible within three minutes by gathering collectibles using the Star Command Boost Pack. The yellow collectibles are worth one point each, orange are worth two each, and red are worth three each. The collectibles appear randomly. The game is played on a stage of three platforms. The yellow and red collectibles appear only on the upper level, and eventually disappear if not collected.


  • There are actually two versions of this challenge. One of them takes place against a crystal cavern backdrop, while the other has icy cliffs in the background. The goals and objectives are the same.