Hover-ToyStory-Attack Copter
Attack Copter
HexIcoN-game-Toy Story IcoN-Edition-1.0
Type Hover Flight Vehicle
Company Pixar
Franchise Toy Story
"Take to the skies in this combat ready copter!"

Attack Copter first appears in Disney Infinity 1.0 as a Ground Vehicle. It can be unlocked in the Disney Infinity Vault for Disney Infinity 1.0, and in the Toy Store for later Editions.


In Disney Infinity 1.0, the default controls are:

  • action button to "Hop In"
  • right stick left/right to move left/right
  • right stick up/down to fly higher/lower
  • left stick up/down to tilt up/down
  • right/left trigger to move forward/backward
  • attack button to fire rockets
  • jump button to take off (when on ground) or land (when in Attack Copter but close to ground)
  • back/block button to "Exit Vehicle"


  • While based on the movie Toy Story, this does not appear in, nor can it be obtained from, the Toy Story in Space Play Set.
  • It appears to take a minimum of three spins in the Disney Infinity Vault for the Attack Copter to become available when shuffling. It may also require another specific Toy to be obtained from the Disney Infinity Vault before it becomes available.


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