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Battle droid
B1 Battle Droid
Star Wars:
Twilight of the Republic
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Voiced by Matthew Wood

B1 Battle Droid is only available in Disney Infinity 3.0.

How to obtain:

Where to find in the Toy Box Editor:

They appear as enemies in the Star Wars: Twilight of the Republic Play Set, and were first seen the trailer of the the game facing Jedi.


  • This isn't fair!
  • A Sith lord?
  • I'm going to get demoted...


  • When the Battle Droids (or any of their variants) are defeated in battle by any Jedi/Sith characters with their lightsabers, the droids' bodies are shown to be cut up rather than breaking apart like regular toys. This is likely done to keep it true to the way the droids are usually defeated in the actual Star Wars universe.
  • Mulan is the only non-Star Wars character who can cut through the droids via her Air Slam attack after defeating them.


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