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Bandits is first available in Disney Infinity 1.0. They are helping Butch Cavendish invade the small town of Colby. They terrorize the town and blow up buildings, among other things.


There are three different types of Bandits in the game:


Early on, the design team experimented with making the Bandits more toylike to try to soften the fact that you would be shooting human toys with a gun in a Disney game. Early concept art shows Bandits with cash registers for bodies and Bandits designed to be similar to Weebles. Eventually, it was decided that they would design the characters in the same way as the other characters and add cartoonish sound effects to the guns.[1]

Originally, Cavendish's TNT Man was to have lit his TNT with a cigar, but this was scrapped because the team wanted a design that players could recognize from a distance as being the TNT Bandit.


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