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When entering the game:

  • Greetings.
  • Greetings, I am Baymax, your Personal Health Care Companion.
  • Greetings. It is good that you have returned.
  • Hello.
  • I am here to help.
  • It has been so long since I last saw you. It is time for a checkup.
  • Welcome back. Shall we proceed?

While idle:

  • (hums)
  • Here's a healthy tip: you should lift from your knees. The lower lumbar area is a common place for injuries.
  • I believe a... health care companion... may be suitable for all inhabitants of this realm.
  • I detect no one that needs my care.
  • I do not sense any threats to your health and well being.

During combat:

  • Failure only exists if one does not learn from it.
  • I am responsible for your care.
  • I will contact your primary care professional for a virtual consultation.
  • If you do not rest before trying again, the outcome is unlikely to improve.
  • If your depression worsens, please seek help from your primary health care professional.
  • It is advisable to avoid putting oneself in dangerous situations.
  • Let me help you treat your wounds.
  • Please let me know if there are... lingering physical effects from your... exertion.
  • Please watch this informative video entitled "The Fight or Flight Response".
  • Readings indicate a spike in your levels of... frustration and... anger.
  • Thank you for competing with me.
  • This may prove to be a dangerous course of action. Please reconsider.
  • You're now registered in my patient database.
  • Your blood pressure appears to have... skyrocketed.
  • Defensive programming activated.
  • I apologize. Were you trying to get my attention?
  • I detect you have suffered a blunt force trauma.
  • I will monitor the situation.
  • It is generally common practice to conclude friendly competition with a handshake or bow.
  • This is not conducive to... healthy habits.
  • Would you like me to locate an anger management class in the vicinity?
  • You are likely to have an accident while engaged in that kind of behavior.
  • Your physical response indicates you are... not satisfied with my care.

On level-up:

  • I am at optimal performance.
  • I have downloaded the enhancements to my fight programming.
  • I have received an upgrade for enhanced performance.
  • My power levels are at 100%.
  • Now I am ready.
  • The carbon fiber upgrade to my armor has increased its effectiveness by 25%.

On defeat:

  • All systems fully operational.
  • I have replaced all damaged armor.
  • I shall proceed again.
  • Much like a good night's sleep, a reboot is often beneficial.
  • My absence was not expected.
  • Please excuse my absence.
  • Quick charge complete. I am at your service.
  • That was unlike any restart I have experienced before.
  • The ability to regenerate seems unique to this land.
  • Time to stretch.