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BlackSuit SpiderMan
Black Suit Spider-Man
Your friendly neighborhood wall crawler, at your service.
HexIcoN-game-Spider-Man IcoN-Edition-2.0
Model INF-1000134
Costume Black Suit Spider-Man Costume
Combat Ranged
Special Move Web Barrage
Icon-ability-HeightenedSenses Icon-ability-Slinger Icon-ability-SuperJumper Icon-ability-WallCrawler

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Black Suit Spider-Man (aka Peter Parker) (alias of Peter Benjamin Parker) is a character from the Marvel Spider-Man comics. He may be used in:

He is the "iconic black symbiote costume" version of Spider-Man.[1] He first appeared as part of the Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Pack for the Playstation Vita. It was later confirmed as a single figure release for Disney Infinity 3.0 and Marvel Battlegrounds.[2][3]


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  • I can do whatever a spider can, but for now, I'll just stand here.
  • Whallopin' web snappers, that felt great!
  • It seems this is as good a place as any to take a breather.


  • Black Suit Spider-Man is one of two alternate figures released as part of the waves of Disney Infinity 2.0, the other being the Infinite Crystal Series version of Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey; however the latter was planned as part of the 1.0 lineup and has a model number in that range.
  • While the retail package shows 3.0, the base of the figure shows 2.0, and his model number is within the range used for 2.0 character figures. He is confirmed as playable in both Disney Infinity 2.0 and Disney Infinity 3.0 (see list at top of article).
  • He is the fifth playable character of the series to be a variant version of a character already introduced, the first was Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey/Mickey Mouse, second was Iron Man/Hulkbuster, the third being Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, and the fourth being Captain America/Captain America - The First Avenger.
  • Due to the Marvel Battlegrounds update, he now has a completely new skill tree that matches the 3.0 characters (including mid-air combos, health regeneration, while removing his 2.0 Block Breaker Combo, Spider-Sense and his old super move which is now a combo finisher and getting a brand new super move that has him spawn remote web mines that can be activated at any time), making him not only completely different than Spider-Man, but also being the only known pre-3.0 character to receive updated move sets.
  • This version of Spider-Man is based on the Alien Costume story arc where Spider-Man first wore the Symbiote Suit, which would eventually lead to the birth of Spider-Man's nemesis, Venom.
  • He is technically the first character to have two different movesets at the same time if a player were to have both Black Suit Spider-Man's figure (with the updated moveset via the patch) and normal Spider-Man (with the Alien Symbiote Power Disc), they can have two Black Suit Spider-Mans with completely different movesets.
  • If the player uses the Alien Symbiote Power Disc, he turns back to normal, but due to a glitch, it is only visible when the player is defeated and the parts that fall apart look like regular Spider-Man, and his picture on the top left is normal Spider-Man.
  • Black Suit Spider-Man is the first alternate figure in the games to not have its own statue in the Hall of Heroes as it's still considered to be Spider-Man in general. However, when players take ownership of the figure in 3.0, the Spider-Man statue will have the Symbiote goo surround it.


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