Blocking is a skill possessed by all playable characters, minus the Cars characters. Blocking protects the characters from certain attacks. It does not protect against Block Breakers. When an enemy is about to make a Block Breaker, it flashes beforehand, as a sign to the player to get away.

When players block, they can also dodge. Blocking can also be upgraded in certain characters' Skill Trees to have other features.


Dodging is done by moving, while still holding in the 'block' button. Characters can dodge forward, backward, left, and right. It is used to avoid being hit by an attack, especially a Block Breaker, as blocking doesn't protect against that.

Healing Block

Block Heal Range

Healing Aura Upgrade

Healing Block is a skill possessed by a few characters. It is used to heal the player when that player blocks. Healing Block can also be upgraded to heal Sidekicks and characters on the same team as the player, with an upgrade called Healing Aura.


A list of characters known to have Healing Block.



Repel Upgrade

Repelling is a skill that most characters have in their Skill Trees. The only characters to not being able to Repel is Elsa, Phineas, Nova, Star-Lord, and Tinker Bell. Spider-Man and Venom have the skill unlocked by default. A character can Repel by beginning blocking just as an enemy attacks them. This will cause the enemy to be flung backwards, being dealt damage. If the character has the Sense skill, Blocking can be begun a little earlier, and still Repel enemies.



Ricochet Upgrade

Ricochet is a skill some characters can be upgraded to have in their Skill Tree. It allows them to send certain Ranged Attacks back to who send them.


A list of all characters known to have the Ricochet skill in their Skill Tree.


  • Groot has an ability similar to the Healing Block. When he has activated his Special Move, he grows a protective bark shield. If damaged, it can be regrown by blocking.
  • Lightsaber characters can repel projectiles from any direction while blocking.
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