Brave Forest Siege
IcoN-hex-Toy Box 2.0 IcoN-Edition-2.0
Game Type Toy Box Game
Model INF-2000106
Genre Dungeon Adventure
Studio Pixar
Franchise Brave
Figures Any Disney Infinity figure (except Marvel Super Heroes)
Cast Members The Witch
Enemies Wooden Bears
Customization Brave Sky, World 'o the Wisps

Banner-2.0-Brave Forest Siege
The Witch has requested some cake. Find cake throughout the forest, as you fight Wooden bears trying to stop you.

Brave Forest Siege is a Toy Box Game in Disney Infinity 2.0. It is available in the Toy Box Starter Pack, but is also sold separately with Stitch's Tropical Rescue. It's based on the Pixar film Brave, and features Merida on the power disc.

An additional feature in Brave Forest Siege is the ability to recruit Sidekicks, which help players defeat enemies, find treasures, and trigger actions.

The gameplay style is similar to Escape from the Kyln, which also includes the ability to recruit Sidekicks.


  • There is a picture of Aladdin carrying a cake while being chased by Wooden Bears, which may be inspired by the Toy Box Game. It is not from the Toy Box Game itself, as seen by the buildings in the background and the Skydome.
  • This Power Disc is part of the Toy Box Bundle Pack. However, it is also sold separately with Stitch's Tropical Rescue since January 2015.


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