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Brave Forest Siege
HexIcoN-ToyBox-2.0 IcoN-Edition-2.0
Game Type Toy Box Game
Model INF-2000106
Genre Dungeon Adventure
Studio Pixar
Franchise Brave
Figures Any Disney or Pixar character[1]
Cast Members The Witch
Enemies Brave Enemies
Customization Brave Sky, World 'o the Wisps

Banner-2.0-Brave Forest Siege
Merida's brothers have stolen the Witch's cakes. Collect them all before her bear carvings do.

Brave Forest Siege is a Toy Box Game in Disney Infinity 2.0. It is available in the Toy Box Starter Pack, but is also sold separately with Stitch's Tropical Rescue since January 2015. It's based on the Pixar film Brave, and features Merida on the power disc.

An additional feature in Brave Forest Siege is the ability to recruit Sidekicks, which help players defeat enemies, find treasures, and trigger actions.

The gameplay style is similar to Escape from the Kyln, which also includes the ability to recruit Sidekicks.


The game starts with a brief tutorial on camera motion, combat, Sidekick Doors, and Treasure Chests. During the tutorial the Wee Dingwall Costume is unlocked, and a random Sidekick Gear item is awarded from the Treasure Chest. Completing the tutorial then unlocks the Young MacGuffin Costume, Young Macintosh Costume, Maudie Costume, Brave Sidekick Tree Door, and DunBroch Pastry Collectible. It also unlocks the first DunBroch Forest area.

DunBroch Forest[]

There are eight DunBroch Forest areas where the player needs to search for the Witch's DunBroch Pastries. Each unlocks in order as the previous one is completed.

Starting Area[]

The starting area for each includes a DunBroch Sidekick Outfitter to allow for a last minute change of gear before starting, and two of the following three items:

Sidekick Doors are used by picking up the Sidekick and tossing it at the door. They may award a Spark capsule, a DunBroch Collectible, or may explode and produce an enemy. Each also has a Detection Level[2] assigned to it, and the Sidekick must have a high enough Seek level (on their own or through the use of additional Sidekick Gear) in order to use them.

Treasure Chests are opened by hitting them. Each may award Sparks or a DunBroch Collectible.


Each level includes a number of the Witch's DunBroch Pastries that must be collected. They may be alone, or connected to one or more items including Enemies, Sidekick Doors, and Pressure Plates. All connected Enemies must be defeated, Sidekick Doors must be used, and Pressure Plates must be triggered in order to release the pastry for collection.

There are two different types of Pressure Plates:

  • The Brave Pressure Plates are triggered by weight, such as the character or a DunBroch Liftable Rock. Sometimes these are activated simply by stepping on them, other times by standing on them until a timer expires. In the latter case, enemies will continually spawn until the timer runs out.
  • The Brave Color Pressure Plates are triggered by stepping on them. This can be done by any character, Sidekick, or Enemy. However, stepping on them again before all Pressure Plates in a group are disabled will re-enable them. It is recommended to first clear the area of enemies, then pick up the Sidekick while clearing the Pressure Plates.


When the character reaches the exit upon completion of a level, each DunBroch Collectible found may award either a random piece of Sidekick Gear, or blue Sparks if the Sidekick Gear it would have awarded has already been unlocked.

Exploration Survival Mode[]

Completing all eight DunBroch Forest areas unlocks the Exploration Survival Mode Door. This game mode is based on the Brave Forest Siege game, but has fifty (50) randomly generated levels. Features include:

  • "Bash 'n' Smash", a type of level consisting primarily of breakable boxes with a number of Sakaaran Omni-Blaster Turrets scattered around the map. This occurs on every level number that ends in 7.
  • "Darkness descends...", a type of level with a large number of DunBroch Braziers and Kyln Braziers to provide light, as... shortly after the level loads, it switches the Skydome to Pitch Black Sky, and those (and the Sidekick) are the only sources of light. Carrying the Sidekick can allow it to be used as a portable short range Area Light. This occurs on every level number that ends in 5 (except level 5 itself).
  • "Difficulty Increased" at levels:
    • 12 (Intermediate Level)
    • 22 (Expert Level)
    • 32 (Master Level)
  • At level 47, the game combines "Bash 'n' Smash" with "Darkness descends...".
  • If a character is defeated, they are effectively removed from gameplay for the duration. The player can continue by changing Character Figures, but may not change back to the defeated character until after the game ends.

Possible[3] Toy Store unlocks for completing various levels include:


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  1. While the game may have been intended for use only with Disney and Pixar characters, it appears to be possible to swap the character for any other Disney Infinity 1.0 or 2.0 character in Exploration Survival Mode after the game has started, including any of the 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes characters (e.g. Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon, Thor, etc.).
  2. When placed in the Toy Box, this can be seen under Properties and may be set to a value from 0 to 11.
  3. Not yet confirmed whether these specific items are always awarded upon completion of each difficulty level, or if these levels unlock random items not yet unlocked, similar to the Surprise Gift in Disney Infinity 3.0.