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Preview-character-Buzz Lightyear, Save Me!
Buzz Lightyear, Save Me! Icon-1.0-multi  
The townspeople are in trouble! They're stranded on meteors out in space and only Buzz can help. Rescue them before the time runs out!
Type Character
Genre Combat
Character Buzz Lightyear
Players Multi
Cars? No
Medal-1.0-Bronze Bronze 4 Points
Medal-1.0-Silver Silver 15 Points
Medal-1.0-Gold Gold 25 Points

Buzz Lightyear, Save Me! is Buzz Lightyear's multi player Character Adventure in Disney Infinity 1.0. Characters from Cars cannot be used in this Adventure.

The goal is to take as many townspeople and aliens to the collection zone as possible within the time limit using Buzz Lightyear's Jetpack. Townspeople are worth one point each and aliens are worth two. There are also occasional Zurgbots to contend with.