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Star Wars:
Rise Against the Empire
A droid programmed for etiquette and protocol, and fluent in over 6 million forms of communication.
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Voiced by Anthony Daniels

C-3PO is a Cast Member from Lucasfilm's Star Wars. He is first introduced and only appears in Disney Infinity 3.0. He appears as a mission giver in the Star Wars: Rise Against the Empire Play Set, as well as in cutscenes in the Star Wars: Twilight of the Republic Play Set and the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Play Set.

How to obtain:

  • 3.0: He is unlocked by completing the Feat "Just What I Thought: Mynocks".

Where to find in the Toy Store:

Where to find in the Editors:

C-3PO also appears in the "Droid in Distress" Building-Based Toy Box, where the player must build platforms to help him find R2-D2.


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