CDA Agents
Disney Concept 108
The concept art that depicts the CDA Agents.
Character information
Name CDA Agents
Alias CDA
Franchise Monsters, Inc.
Sex Male
Species Monsters
Friends Sulley, Mike, Roz, Dean Hardscrabble, Randy (formerly), Henry J. Waternoose (formerly)
Enemies Henry J. Waternoose, Randy
Occupation The detection and elimination of child "threats"
Residence Monstropolis

The CDA Agents are antagonists in Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University. They are a specially trained team of monsters in yellow biohazard suits whose goal is to keep Monstropolis safe from any form of child "contamination." They appear in early concept art for Disney Infinity. Presumably, they were at one point going to be enemies in the Monsters University Play Set, but for some unknown reason were scrapped.