Clu closeup
Franchise TRON
Voice by Fred Tatasciore
CLU, aka Codified Likeness Unity 2.0, is the antagonist of the film TRON: Legacy. He appears as a boss in Toy Box Takeover in the PC version of Disney Infinity 3.0. He was originally going to be a Playable Character, and was very close to being completed as such with a full moveset (as confirmed by an FX reel posted by animator Damean Lyon), but was ultimately scrapped.[1][2]

His presence in the game was first revealed when someone posted a screenshot of him in the Hero Destroyer.[3]


CLU's moveset is similar in many ways to that of Sam Flynn. Like Sam, CLU uses his Identity Disc for both melee and long-range attacks, as well as for blocking. He also has a series of punches and kicks which he uses for melee, as well as a ground pound. If his long range attack is charged up, he can throw three bombs instead of the Disc. His Special Move appears to have been to send out a yellow shock wave which extended in all directions, followed by a large number of bombs which he would throw out in front of him. His ground pound also appears in a video in Vimeo ([2]



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