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A Capsule is a type of collectible found throughout Disney Infinity 1.0. They can be found in Adventures, the Toy Box, and Play Set Games.

Spark Capsules

In Adventures and in the Toy Box, Capsules only contain Sparks, and are also known as Spark Capsules.

Spin Capsules

In the Toy Box Launch Prebuilt Toy Box, there are a number of capsules containing Spins for the Toy Vault, also known as Spin Capsules. Capsules have set positions in Adventures, however in a Toy Box, Capsules are randomly placed throughout the map via the use of the Capsule Creator.

Prize Capsules

In Play Sets, there are two types of Prize Capsules: Red Prize Capsules and Green Prize Capsules.

  • Red Prize Capsules are more common, usually containing Play Set Decorations, Buildings Wall Textures, Building Accents, or Building Trims. Most Decorations are only usable in the Play Set, although some occasionally also unlock for the Toy Box.
  • Green Prize Capsules are less common, and unlock specific toys for the Toy Box.

Hint Capsules

There are also Blue Capsules containing question marks, also known as Hint Capsules. These provide hints, tips, and even sometimes show examples of specific actions. Hint Capsules are the only type of capsules located in the Hall of Heroes.


  • If you reload the Toy Box Launch Prebuilt Toy Box, and then go hop in the Autopia Car, it regenerates the terrain and Capsules. One of the Capsules has a spin, but since that part of the Toy Box Launch is only generated when you enter the car, this spin will constantly regenerate unlike the other spins in Toy Box Launch. You can exploit this for unlimited spins by reloading the Toy Box Launch over and over again. (Fixed)[citation needed]
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