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Captain America - The First Avenger
Captain America
The red, white, and blue Avenger will face any foe. Evil-doers beware!
HexIcoN-game-Marvel Battlegrounds.png IcoN-Edition-3.0.png
Model INF-1000229
Costume Captain America - The First Avenger Costume
Voiced by Roger Craig Smith
Combat Ranged
Special Move Shield Shock
Icon-ability-ExtraordinaryStrength.png Icon-ability-Marksman.png Icon-ability-SuperJumper.png

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Captain America - The First Avenger (alias of Steven Grant Rogers) is a character from the Marvel Captain America: Civil War, and is included in the Marvel Battlegrounds. He may be used in:


He has enhanced abilities and moves from his 2.0 counter-part. This includes his Special Move "Shield Shock"; when used, "a beam of energy generated from Captain America's shield damages enemies around him."


Early on, the Disney Infinity team considered having Cap in a different pose holding his shield above his head, but after some debate, the team decided that it would be better to have Cap stay in his more iconic position of holding his shield out in front of him.[1]


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  • The forces of evil don't stand a chance against you and me!
  • You read my mind! We're not done yet!
  • Time's have really changed, haven't they?


  • Originally, it was unknown if the Sentinel of Liberty Costume Change Power Disc would work on this version of the character. John Vignocchi said on Twitter: "We haven't decided. Want your guys' opinion here." [2] Ultimately, it did not; while the game will register the presence of the disc and display it as such on the screen, the in-game character's visual appearance does not change.
  • His costume is based in that of the movie: Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron as well as Captain America: Civil War, released the same year as the figure.
  • He's the fourth playable character of the series to be a variant version of a character already introduced, the first was Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey/Mickey Mouse, second was Iron Man/Hulkbuster, the third being Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader with the fifth being Spider-Man/Black Suit Spider-Man, this also marks the first time that two characters from Disney Infinity 2.0 each got variants in the same game.


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