Adventure-character-Castles & Slingshots
Castles & Slingshots
Type Adventure
Players Multi
Cars? No
Icon-stopwatch Time 60 seconds
Medal-1.0-Bronze Bronze 1 Egg
Medal-1.0-Silver Silver 2 Eggs
Medal-1.0-Gold Gold 3 Eggs

"Try to keep your spheres whole while searching out and destroying the spheres in the other castles."

Castles & Slingshots is a multi player Adventure in Disney Infinity 1.0. Characters from Cars cannot be used in this Adventure. It is unlocked by completing Dynamics Mastery.

Players use Slingshots to destroy the blocks in the other castles. When the player hits a Egg, they will get one point. The game starts with 60 seconds on the timer, and ends when the timer reaches 0:00 (single player), or when all the Eggs are destroyed (multi player). While it is possible to hit more than three Eggs, there are no additional awards for doing so.

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