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Crops are plants used in Farming, a Feature introduced in Disney Infinity 3.0. These can be planted by Sidekicks, and later harvested by the player once fully grown. Once the player has harvested the Crop, they can collect a Food item, which can be fed to Sidekicks to increase their Stats. There are a total of 20 different Crops.


There are multiple rarities of Crops. The greater the rarity of the crop, the longer it takes to grow - but also the greater the Stat increase its food will provide. Additionally, food from Very Rare Crops will benefit two Stats instead of just one.

List of Crops by rarity and the Luck required to equip the corresponding Hat:

Rarity Hat Icon-Sidekick-Luck Crop Attack Energy Heart Luck Tools
Common 7 Carrot Icon-Sidekick-Luck
Common 7 Corn Icon-Sidekick-Energy
Common 7 Lettuce Icon-Sidekick-Heart
Common 7 Sunflower Icon-Sidekick-Tools
Common 7 Tomato Plant Icon-Sidekick-Attack
Uncommon 12 Candy Corn Icon-Sidekick-Energy
Uncommon 12 Churro Cactus Icon-Sidekick-Tools
Uncommon 12 Cotton Candy Icon-Sidekick-Attack
Uncommon 12 Jelly Plant Icon-Sidekick-Heart
Uncommon 12 Pizza Plant Icon-Sidekick-Luck
Rare 18 Flik's Giant Grain Icon-Sidekick-Heart
Rare 18 Mickey Treat Icon-Sidekick-Tools
Rare 18 Minnie's Cupcake Bush Icon-Sidekick-Luck
Rare 18 Pooh's Bee Hive Icon-Sidekick-Energy
Rare 18 Pumbaa's Grub Log Icon-Sidekick-Attack
Very Rare 18 Jack-O-Lantern Icon-Sidekick-Attack Icon-Sidekick-Energy
Very Rare 18 Magic Beanstalk Icon-Sidekick-Attack Icon-Sidekick-Heart
Very Rare 18 Scrooge's Money Bush Icon-Sidekick-Energy Icon-Sidekick-Heart
Very Rare 18 Vanellope's Lollipop Bush Icon-Sidekick-Heart Icon-Sidekick-Tools
Very Rare 18 Wonderland Mushroom Icon-Sidekick-Luck Icon-Sidekick-Tools


Crops have three different growth stages, similar to real plants (which have six). The amount of time it takes to mature depends on its rarity, ranging from 12 minutes for common Crops to several hours for very rare Crops.


The first is the same for all plants, a small seedling. It is not possible to determine what the crop will become at this point, nor can it be harvested yet.


A minute after it has been planted, it will start to shake, and develop buds for a specific plant. It may not be harvested at this point either.


The plant will eventually shake again, and enter the Ripening stage. This is when the plant can be harvested, which is done by attacking it.

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