The Disney Infinity game franchise consists of three editions.

1.0 Edition

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The original Disney Infinity 1.0 edition includes content from franchises belonging to the Disney and Disney•Pixar studios.

2.0 Edition

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The Disney Infinity 2.0 edition includes additional content for Marvel studio franchises, as well as additional Disney and Disney•Pixar content.

3.0 Edition

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In the final edition, Disney Infinity 3.0 includes additional content for the Star Wars franchise from the Lucasfilm studio, as well as Disney, Disney•Pixar, and Marvel.


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All online services for Disney Infinity ceased on 3rd March 2017. While console versions can still be downloaded from the Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo stores and continue to function, versions for PC, Apple TV, iOS, Google, Android and Amazon are no longer available. Community content, online multiplayer and the possibility to login with a Disney account has ceased to exist. However,...

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Exceptions has been confirmed that it is still possible to "Invite Friends" in the Toy Box for Disney Infinity 2.0 on Xbox One. Some players have stated this is also possible on Xbox 360, but this has not yet been confirmed.

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