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Flying Vehicles provide Playable Characters with a faster method of travel, and can help characters reach areas they might not be able to on foot. They are distinguished from other Vehicles by their ability to travel through the air above the terrain, rather than on it.


The following types of Flying Vehicles are available in Disney Infinity:

  • Hover Flight Vehicles, such as helicopters, which will hover in place once entered until the player moves it.
  • Forward Flight Vehicles, such as jets and spacecraft, which normally move forward on their own at a fixed speed until the player changes it.

Icon-hint-3.0 HELP TIP: Within Disney Infinity, there are both Hover Flight Vehicles, such as helicopters, and Forward Flight Vehicles, such as the many star fighters at your control. Become a flying ace and master them all!


Some Flying Vehicles can be found and unlocked in a Play Set Game.

All Flying Vehicles may be used in the Toy Box. This includes Flying Vehicles provided by Hexagonal Power Discs.[1]


  1. These may also be linked to the Vehicle Summoner toy in Disney Infinity 3.0.

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