Hexagonal Power Discs are a type of Power Disc that may be used to unlock items in the Toy Box. These include:

Note: A maximum of three[1] (3) toys with hexagonal shaped bases may be placed on the Disney Infinity Base at a time, which could be either three (3) Hexagonal Power Discs, or two (2) Hexagonal Power Discs and a Game Piece (i.e. when unlocking toys for the Toy Store). Placing more will result in an error.

Error-base-Too Many Play Set Power Discs.png
Icon-question.png Orange hexagonal Power Discs award the player Tools, Packs, vehicles, and more!


  1. This may be due to technical limitations of the NFC (Near Field Communication) used by the Disney Infinity Base and Power Discs, and/or a design limitation imposed by the developers.

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