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Hover Flight Vehicles provide Playable Characters with a method of traveling through the air over terrain. They are distinguished from other Flying Vehicles by their ability to hover in place unless a player actively moves the vehicle. Standard controls include:

  • tap (action button) to Hop In
  • hold (right trigger) to move forward
  • use (left stick) or (right stick) to steer
  • tap (attack button) to Attack using the vehicle's weapon
  • tap (jump button) to Land, if flying near the ground
  • tap (jump button) to Take Off, if landed
  • tap (block button) to Exit Vehicle

Some Hover Flight Vehicles can be found and unlocked in a Play Set Game.

All Hover Flight Vehicles may be used in the Toy Box. This includes Hover Flight Vehicles provided by Hexagonal Power Discs.[1]


  1. These may also be linked to the Vehicle Summoner toy in Disney Infinity 3.0.

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