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Tools are Gadgets that can be carried by Playable Characters[1] in their right hand, and provide additional abilities. Equipping a Tool replaces any default skill or tool a Playable Character may have assigned to the right trigger.

For Tools that are the same or similar to a Playable Character's own primary skill or tool, those Playable Characters may not equip them from the Packs and Tools menu. Instead, putting away any alternate tool will return their default.


Once selected, Tools can be toggled between equipped and unequipped states by tapping the left side of the D-pad.

While equipped, Tools can be used by tapping, pulling, or holding the right trigger.

Some Tools also have a secondary action, which can be used by holding down the right trigger (such as throwing the Grappling Hook and leaving it extended, or repeatedly firing a weapon).


Some Tools can be found and unlocked in a Play Set Game.

All Tools may be used in the Toy Box. This includes Tools provided by Hexagonal Power Discs.[2]


  1. Except for Playable Characters from the Cars Toy Box Game, as they may not use Gadgets.
  2. These may also be linked to the Object Generator toy in Disney Infinity 3.0.

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