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Tools and Weapons (aka Accessories) are a type of Sidekick Gear that can be equipped on Sidekicks in Disney Infinity 3.0. There are a total of 79[1] available that can be acquired:

Tools can be equipped on a Sidekick to:

  • allow the Sidekick to build items based on a Theme (13 available Themes), or
  • increase the Sidekick's Farming abilities.

Farming tools include a Farm Hoe and Watering Can.

  • The Farm Hoe (aka Farming Hoe) is required for a Sidekick to plant seeds on a farm plot. Higher levels/qualities above Uncommon include a secondary effect:
    • Basic (Rare): increases the chance the Sidekick will plant a Rare crop.
    • Advanced (Rare): decreases the chance a Sidekick will plant a Weed.
    • Pro (Very Rare) provides all three effects (the primary and both secondary effects).
  • The Watering Can enables a Sidekick to increase a Crop's growth rate. The Very Rare Advanced version also increases the effectiveness of the Watering Can.

There are ten main styles of combat Weapons, with each style providing a single primary effect at a Trainee level in Uncommon quality:

  • Blaster: Fires a high energy blaster attack.
  • Bow: Fire an arrow at the enemy.
  • Grenade Launcher: Fires grenades which damage enemies in an area.
  • Laser Gun: Fires a continuous laser beam.
  • Machine Gun: Fires a rapid fire machine gun attack.
  • Magic Wand: Casts a magic spell at the enemy.
  • Potion: Hurls a potion at the enemies in an area.
  • Ricochet Disc: Hurls a disc which bounces from enemy to enemy.
  • Rocket Launcher: Fires a high speed rocket which damages enemies in an area.
  • Throwing Daggers:: Hurls daggers at the enemy.

At Basic, Advanced, and Pro levels in Rare quality they each provide a secondary effect.[2]

There are also 10 "named" Weapons available in Epic quality, each of which provides three different effects, the first of which is unique and not available to any other Weapon.

Captain America's Shield (need disambig) | Elsa's Ice Crystal | Han Solo's Blaster | Hawkeye's Bow | Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber | Rapunzel's Frying Pan | Sorcerer's Spell Book | Spidey's Webslingers | TRON Identity Disc | V.I.N.CENT's Black Hole Grenade


  1. The Sidekick Gear/Tools and Weapons listing shows 80, as it includes "No Accessory" in its count of available selections.
  2. There is no correlation between the level name and the secondary effect provided.

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