Nova's Crossover Coin in the Marvel's The Avengers Play Set

Champion Coins
Franchise Disney INFINITY
Type Play Set Collectable

Champion Coins, formerly known as Crossover Coins, are collectables found in Disney INFINITY 2.0 and Disney INFINITY 3.0 Play Sets. They are round-shaped objects with a character's face on them that, when collected, grant the pictured character the ability to play in that Play Set. In Disney INFINITY 2.0, only few characters had coins in other playsets, and when collected, unlocked new missions specific to that character. In 3.0, the name of the collectable was changed to Champion Coins and are featured only in the Star Wars Play Sets. Unlike 2.0, which only had coins for a few select characters, there is a Champion Coin for every Star Wars character in every Star Wars Play Set, but they do not unlock extra missions.


  • Crossover Coins were created in response to fans wanting to be able to play as any character in any Play Set they wanted to. While this has not completely happened, the coins do allow players to play as some characters in Play Sets that are not their native Play Set.

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