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Character Chests are located throughout Disney Infinity 1.0 inside the Toy Box or the Play Set Games. They can only be opened by the character featured on the chest. If another character tries to open the chest, a video for the character on the chest plays, and an information box will show afterwards saying:

Bring the matching Hero to this Chest to open it.

Whenever the character matches the first chest opened (with exceptions, e.g. Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey), a Costume version of the character will be unlocked. There are multiple chests for each character, although there is only one each on the Wii version. There is also a larger variant requiring all the characters of a given Play Set to unlock, called the Avatar Vault.

When "farming" chests for a particular character, it is useful to start in an Empty Toy Box, place a Tiny Terrain Block, move onto it, and then delete the original terrain block. This is because the chests will only spawn on the available terrain - limiting the amount of terrain limits where they can spawn. If a chest spawns for another character, "Play Video" and immediately exit the video. The chest will respawn after a few seconds instead of several minutes.

In Disney Infinity 2.0 and Disney Infinity 3.0, character chests are no longer present. A character's unique items are now obtainable by taking ownership of the figure, or by purchasing the items from the Toy Store.

Cars Play Set Chests[]

Lightning McQueen[]

  1. Nestled on Radiator Cap
  2. By the Vault
  3. At the Stunt Park

Holley Shiftwell[]

  1. Behind Luigi's Casa Della Tires
  2. At the stunt park
  3. By the Barn


  1. Outside the Tow Mater's Impound Lot
  2. In the tunnel leading to the stunt park
  3. By the Barn

Francesco Bernoulli[]

  1. Behind Flo's V8 Cafe
  2. In the tunnel leading to the stunt park
  3. At the Stunt Park

Monsters University Play Set Chests[]


  1. On top of the library at Monsters University
  2. On top of the two buildings linked together by two ropes at Fear Tech
  3. On top of the OK house at Frat Row


  1. On top of the dorm at Monsters University
  2. On top of a building at Fear Tech
  3. At the end of the bike trail at Frat Row


  1. On the Clock Tower at Monsters University
  2. In front of the Health & Phys Ed building at Fear Tech
  3. On top of the GRR house at Frat Row

Pirates Play Set Chests[]

Hector Barbossa[]

  1. By a gate in Buccaneer Bay
  2. By the docks at Pantano Bayou
  3. At the beginning at Dead Man's Island

Davy Jones[]

  1. Next to first Boat Location
  2. At Tia Dalma's house
  3. At Dead Man's Cove next to the Challenge right off the bat

Jack Sparrow[]

  1. At first town close to the gate where you enter to get to the ship
  2. Down the dock next to Tia Dalma's house
  3. At Dead Man's Cove near the temple

Incredibles Play Set Chests[]


The contents of The Incredibles Play Set Chests.[1]


  1. Shore walkway in Downtown Metroville
  2. In front of Superhero HQ
  3. Next to a street by First encounter with Syndrome

Mr. Incredible[]

  1. On an upper platform on the docks, easily found in the beginning of the Playset.
  2. Against the outside wall of HQ.
  3. Downtown. Take a left coming off the Downtown Express Bridge. The street will turn away from the water, but grass and sidewalk continue against the water. It is against a building in this area.

Mrs. Incredible[]

  1. On top of the building where the fire is put out during the Fire Alarm! mission.
  2. On the grass at the City waterfront facing HQ.
  3. Downtown. On the grass right at the waterfront.


  1. Boat near the end of the docks.
  2. End of one of the staircases/ramps at Superhero HQ
  3. On one of the buildings near Superhero HQ


  1. In front of the City water fountain.
  2. Patch of grass beside an intersection across from the docks
  3. To the right of the bridge directly across from Hero HQ.

Lone Ranger Play Set Chests[]

Lone Ranger[]

  1. Outside of Colton at Graveyard
  2. Outside of Colton, near the Train tracks
  3. Near Army Camp


  1. Next to the ladies that give you the horse mission
  2. Next to the second town you unlock, by a Lone Ranger Challenge
  3. By the rail road tracks in the mountain

Toy Story in Space Play Set Chests[]

Buzz Lightyear[]

  1. Across the water next to a Challenge
  2. In the Combat Simulator Room, before the elevator. A Green Prize Capsule is located opposite of the chest as well.
  3. By the volcano, behind a wall you have to bust through.


  1. In a hole near where you can call your horse, either you can shrink to get to it or Jet Pack up to it.
  2. Behind a waterfall by some Alien Houses
  3. On the way to the volcano, by a huge tree


  1. Across the water on a tiny piece of floating rock
  2. Sitting on the bottom of a waterfall
  3. In the tunnel on the way to the Volcano

Toy Box Chests[]

Scattered throughout the Toy Box. Characters who have them are:



Agent P[]




Wreck-It Ralph[]


Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey[]

Jack Skellington[]