Chick Hicks
IcoN-hex-Toy Box 1.0 IcoN-Edition-1.0
Company Pixar
Franchise Cars
Chick Hicks is a Cast Member from Cars, first appearing in Disney Infinity 1.0. He is one of the NPCs that you can interact with in the Cars Play Set, as well as the antagonist. He can also be unlocked in the Play Set as a Toy Box Cast Member, but is otherwise not a drivable vehicle (normally)[1].


  • One of the missions in the Cars Play Set is a race against Chick Hicks.


For more game related media, see Chick Hicks/Gallery.


  1. In the code of the game, Chick is programmed with the same abilities as any Cars playable character, and can be summoned from code to play as.[citation needed]
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