Chill in the Air.png
Chill in the Air
Anna and Elsa bring in the beauty of Frozen with their chilled skies.
HexIcoN-ToyBox-1.0.png IcoN-Edition-1.0.png
Type Skydome
Texture Set Frozen Flourish
Model INF-4000060

Chill in the Air is a Hexagonal Power Disc which, when placed on the Disney Infinity Base, allows the player to change the Skydome in the Toy Box.


It was released as part of Series 2, along with a Texture Set, Anna, and Elsa in the Frozen Toy Box Pack.

This Skydome is based in the mountains of Arendelle from Frozen. It features a forest with trees covered in snow. Behind the trees are the mountains, also covered in snow. The North Mountain with Elsa's Ice Castle is also seen. At the bottom of the Skydome is a giant lake, with huge ice crystals floating on it.


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