Cinderella's Coach
Franchise Cinderella
Type Ground Vehicle

"A carriage to fulfill your heart's greatest wish from Cinderella."

Cinderella's Coach (often referred to as "Cinderella's Carriage" or "Pumpkin Coach") is a Ground Vehicle that appears in Disney Infinity 1.0. It is a remodelled version of the carriage from the movie. The difference is that the roof seems to be folded down, which it can't do in the movie. It is summoned to the Toy Box via a Series 1 Power Disc. The disc includes an image of Cinderella near the coach.


  • In 1.0 while driving the coach, music will begin to play with Cinderella and the mice singing.
  • In 2.0 the only difference is a brake light was added to the back.
  • To promote Disney Infinity, a life-size model of the carriage with monster truck wheels was erected and carried to the different Disney Infinity events, like E3 and the Gadgetorium.


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