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Combat Mastery Icon-1.0-single  
We'll pit you against the pros and teach you how to battle all the baddies in the Toy Box.
Type Mastery
Genre Combat
Players Single
Cars? No

Combat Mastery is a single player Mastery Adventure in Disney Infinity 1.0. Characters from Cars cannot be used in this Adventure.

This Adventure is a bit more in-depth of a combat tutorial than the brief combat seen in Introduction to Disney Infinity.

The character begins outside of a training area. Press the attack button to knock.

"Lesson one: clear out the mess!"

  • Press the attack button to clear the junk.
  • Press RT to clear multiple items in front of you.
  • Press the jump button then the attack button to clear items all around you.

Training ends when the player presses the action button to pick up the Gaston Costume and then presses RT to throw him out of the training area.

"Round Two! Are you ready for the Battle Arena?" The "little guy" (the Gaston Costume) begins sending waves of enemies to attack the character. After the first two rounds, a Toy Box Blaster appears in the arena for the character to pick up. After three more rounds, the character is then challenged to knock the "little guy" into the arena. He brings out more Omnidroids, and the Narrator wants to "see if we can't even things out" and brings in Zurgbots on the character's team.

Completion awards one Spin[1] and 200 Medal Sparks[1].


  1. 1.0 1.1 If this is completed on a character at level 0, the Sparks awarded are sufficient to reach level 2, and the player will be awarded an additional two Spins (one per character level).