There are a number of different Combat Types that may be used by Character Figures and Enemies. These include:



Where combat takes place in close quarters, without the use of Packs or Tools. Characters that do not have a Pack or Tool equipped by default (e.g. Character Figures from The Incredibles Play Set) are considered Brawlers.



Where combat takes place at close distances with weapons such as the Atlas Blade and Lightsaber. Characters that fight at close range with a default Pack item (e.g. Character Figures from the Pirates Play Set) are considered Melee types.



Where combat takes place over longer distances with weapons such as the Flintlock or Paintball Gun. Characters that fight at long range with a default Tool (e.g. Character Figures from the Lone Ranger Play Set) are considered Ranged types.



Where combat takes place between one or more armed Vehicles. This can include player driven Ground Vehicles  that are normally not armed, but may temporarily arm themselves by driving over a Vehicle Weapon Generator. All Character Figures from the Cars Play Set are considered Vehicle types.

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