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Creativi-Toys are a category of Toy Box toys that can be connected to each other in order for players to build their own games. They can be found in the Toy Box Editor under "Creativi-Toys" when Unfiltered, and under "Game Setup Toys" when filtered by "Game Maker". They can have both Logic Connections and Properties.

Logic Connections

"Logic Connections" are how toys communicate with each other. Toys may have one or both (or neither) of the following connection types.

  • Actions[1] represent signals output to another toy when it is Triggered. For example, a Kill Switch can signal another toy when it has defeated something, while a Time Delayer can signal another toy when it completes its delay. A list of a toy's possible Actions can be observed by selecting the toy with the Magic Wand tool.
  • Triggers[2] represent signals input by another toy to perform an Action. For example, a Power Switch can be triggered by another toy to turn it on or off, while a Time Delayer can be triggered by another toy to start its delay. A list of a toy's possible Triggers can be observed by connecting another toy to it (such as the Trigger) using the Magic Wand tool.


"Properties" represent additional, configurable information about a toy, and are used to further define its behavior. For example, an Enemy Generator has a property to define what Team the generated Enemies belong to, while a Time Delayer has a property that defines how long it will wait after an input signal before generating its output signal. A list of a toy's Properties can be observed by selecting the toy with the Magic Wand tool, and must be configured by the player as they cannot be configured by other toys.

Creativi-Toys by Edition

Listing of Creativi-Toys by Edition that are not game-specific. For a more comprehensive list, see the Creativi-Toys category.

1.0 2.0 3.0
Action Button[3] Ability Terminal Boss Fight Spawner[4]
Area Light Angled Camera[3] Calendar Configurator[4]
Bird's Eye Camera[3] Action Enforcer[4] Context Button Assigner[4]
Boom Box[3] Ballot Box[4] Distance Checker[4]
Checkpoint[3] Challenge Maker[3] Droid Spawner[3]
Collection Pen[3] Confirmer[4] Dynamic Trigger[4]
Counter[4][5] Collectible Tracker[4] Fireworks Cannon[3]
Dual Action Trigger[4][5] Color Changing Block Holocron Switch[3]
Enemy Generator[3] Defeat Manager[4] Invisinator[3]
Falling Object Generator[3] Editor Manager[4] Logic And[4]
Friend Generator[3] Effects Generator[4] Metronome[4]
Invulnerability Beacon[3] Enemy Trail Guide[3] Narration Announcer[4]
Kill Switch[3] Enemy Wave Generator[4] Path Creator[3]
Marching Orders[3] Friendly Wave Generator[4] Path-Based Race Creator[3]
Object Generator[3] Inventory Manager[4] Player Counter[4]
Party Cannon[3] Level Starter[4] Radar Marker[4]
Power Switch[3] Locator[3] Rail Target Point
Racing Gate[3] Logic Gate[4] Random Object Spawner[4]
Repeater[4][5] Loot Chest[3] Team Activator[6]
Replayer[4][5] Loot Drop Manager[4] Vehicle Trick Tracker[4]
Safety Dome[3] Money Manager[4] Theme Transformer[4]
Scoreboard[4][5] Packs and Tools Manager[4] World Loader[4]
Side Step Camera[3] Podiums[3]
Sky Changer[3] Randomizer[4]
Sound Effects[3] Ready Up Checker[4]
Stopwatch[3] Remote Controller[3]
Target[3] Satellite Receiver[4]
Team Activators[3][6] Storefront[4]
Teleporter[3] Target Camera[3]
Time Delayer[4][5] Team Scoreboard[4]
Timer[4][5] Text Creator[4]
Trigger[3] Text Displayer[4]
Trigger Area[3] Toy Box Game Maker[4]
Vehicle Weapon Generator[3] Weather Vane[3]
Victory Tracker[4][5] Whirlwind


  • Creativi-Toys used to be known as Infini-Toys.
  • Other online guides appear to haver the Actions[1] and Triggers[2] reversed; that is, what they list for Actions are actually Triggers, and vice-versa.
  • Originally, the Invisinator was an Action Toy and the Reset-o-matic was a Basic Toy in Disney Infinity 1.0. They were re-classified as Creativi-Toys in Disney Infinity 2.0.


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