HEX 124 CyBug Swarm-M
CyBug Swarm
Franchise Wreck-It Ralph
Type Customization (Skydome) Disc

CyBug Swarm is a Power Disc that allows you to change the Skydome of your Toy Box and change it to the Hero's Duty Sky from Wreck-It Ralph. Its Texture Set counterpart is Calhoun's Command.


Cy-Bugs will hover above the Hero’s Duty world just like the movie Wreck-It-Ralph. Beware of the Queen!


This Skydome is set inside the Hero's Duty arcade game from Wreck-It Ralph. It has hundreds of CyBugs flying in around it. Behind the CyBugs are smoke, which seems to be coming from explosions. The Tower from the game is also seen in the Skydome.



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