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Darth Vader-0
Darth Vader
Star Wars:
Rise Against the Empire
Dark Lord of the Sith and terror of the Galactic Empire.
HexIcoN-game-Rise Against the Empire IcoN-Edition-3.0
Model INF-1000210
Light FX[1] INF-1000243
Costume Darth Vader Costume
Voiced by Matt Sloan
Combat Melee
Special Move The Hand of Vader
Icon-ability-ExtraordinaryStrength Icon-ability-ForceAdept Icon-ability-LightsaberMaster Icon-ability-Villain

Darth Vader (aka Lord Vader) (alias of Anakin Skywalker) is a character from the Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars film series. He may be used in:

He is sold as a single figure, and was released on September 29, 2015 in the US [2] and on October 2nd, 2015 in Europe.[3] He was confirmed playable on Toy Box TV,[4] but was seen on a leaked image of the box art for the game prior to this.[5]

He is also a boss in the Rise Against the Empire Play Set,[6] his "native" play set.

He has a lightsaber combo, and 2 breaking defences combos, and an air combo. He can also throw his lightsaber that follows targeted enemies. His finisher is a very powerful Force Choke, that you can fling an enemy by flicking the right stick either way. His Special Move, "The Hand of Vader" make him push enemies away a strong blast with the force, when you upgrade it, it can be charged by draining up to 4 meters, making the range and power absurdly strong, making it the third most powerful special move in the game (putting it near Yoda's and Hulk's special moves).

In addition to being playable, Vader can also be spawned in the Toy Box using the Boss Battle Creativi-Toy.


Skill Tree[]



Concept art of Darth Vader.

The development team has called Vader a challenge to bring into the Disney Infinity world due to the difficulty faced in figuring out how his movement would work in the game. The biggest hurdle they faced was collaborating with Lucasfilm on whether or not Vader should be able to run like the rest of the Playable Characters in the games.[7][8] As John Vignocchi recalled, "One thing that was a very interesting, anecdotal backstory is when we got the call from Lucasfilm who said, “We’re reviewing the latest version of the game and Darth Vader is running. And we have to tell you guys that you’re going to have to cut that from the game because Darth Vader doesn’t run.” And we said, “Well this is a video game and so we want to make sure that Darth Vader is just as strong and can do just as many things as the other characters can.” And the Lucasfilm team said to us, “While we respect that from a gameplay perspective, your fans will appreciate more that you’re being true to that character than anything else.” So as a result, Darth Vader does not actually run inside of Disney Infinity 3.0, but he does walk relatively quickly."[9]

The process of creating the character was very much a collaborative effort between Disney and LucasFilm. John Vignocchi later recalled, "We would make a version that we thought was appropriate for Infinity and we’d send that over to them (Lucasfilm), and we’d get notes back saying ‘Well, we understand that’s what you want to do for Infinity, but this is what’s important to the Star Wars brand.’ We just would go back and forth until we got it to a place until we were both happy."[8]

When asked about the character's positioning, Jeff Bunker said "The nice thing about Darth Vader is he’s a one note character. He doesn’t express any remorse–in the very end he’s redeemed–but there wasn’t a lot of need for us to express much emotion other than power and control. That goes into his pose. We wanted to come up with an iconic pose that expresses who he was with a single statement; that’s why we went with the choke-hold.”[8]

One particular detail which prompted a great deal of debate between Lucasfilm and the Disney Infinity team was Vader's helmet. Jeff Bunker went back and forth with Lucasfilm over whether the helmet should be matte painted (like the rest of the figure's body, which is what the Disney Infinity team wanted) or glossy (which is what Lucasfilm wanted). Ultimately, Lucasfilm got their way, and the glossy helmet was what ended up in the final figure. However, before this happened, around five hundred Darth Vader figures were produced with dull, matte painted helmets. These early figures were later given to Avalanche Software employees by Bunker as a gift.[10]


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  • Join the Dark Side and together we will rule the galaxy.
  • It would be a shame if I had to destroy you!
  • The rebellion will be crushed.


  • Vader is one of the four characters who was given more than one figure (him and Anakin Skywalker), along with Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey/Mickey Mouse, Iron Man/Hulkbuster, and Captain America/Captain America - The First Avenger). Vader is however the only Star Wars character, and the only one where the two figures were introduced in the same game.
  • The Disney Infinity development team considered giving many of the Star Wars characters more than one figure, but in the end, they decided that they only needed to do that for the two versions of Anakin, as they are two totally different looking and differently powered characters.[11]
  • Vader is one of four Star Wars villains to be playable (along with Darth Maul, Boba Fett and Kylo Ren).
  • The Force Choke is the most powerful Force Finisher.
  • If frozen by Kylo Ren while throwing his lightsaber, he'll stay in place and the lightsaber will just keep on going.
  • He doesn't slouch in a combat ready stance like most characters, he stands instead (once again likely due to keeping true to his character portrayal as shown in the second Star Wars trilogy).


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