• Ah-ha-ha-ha! It's time I ruled the seas! (when placed on the Disney Infinity Base)
  • Beware my wrath!
  • Captain Jack Sparrow, can't say I missed your company! ()upon seeing [[Captain Jack Sparrow]]
  • Curs-ed magic!
  • Do not. Test. Me.
  • Good day, mate. Back so soon? I approve.
  • Have you a wish to join me crew? (upon seeing an non-''Pirates of the Caribbean'' character )
  • I do not give warnings!
  • I do not miss!
  • My beloved Calypso. (upon seeing Tia Dalma)
  • Now, are ye ready to embark on another adventure?
  • Now, will ye join me for another trek into the unknown?
  • Seems I miscalculated that last maneuver.
  • (groans) That was less than pleasant.
  • That's not how you kill Davy Jones!
  • That thieving Calypso, left me with no heart and no soul.
  • Ya need a heart to be killed... and that I do not have.
  • Yer waistin' yer time!
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