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Disney Infinity: 1.0 Edition
Developer(s) Avalanche Software
Altron (3DS)
Heavy Iron Studios (Wii and Wii U versions)
Publisher(s) Disney Interactive
Namco Bandai Games (Japan)[1]
Microsoft Studios (Xbox 360, Windows)
Release date(s) August 18, 2013 (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, 3DS)
September 18, 2013 (iPad)
November 14, 2013 (PC)
August 21, 2014 (Wii U eShop)
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Rating(s) E10+
Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition

Disney Infinity 1.0 menu no playset

Disney Infinity: 1.0 Edition (aka Disney Infinity 1.0) is the first Edition of the game, and includes a number of Play Set Games, Playable Character Figures, and Power Disc based on Disney and Pixar franchises.


The first time a player loads the game, Introduction to Disney Infinity is started automatically and cannot be skipped. This provides a brief tutorial on game controls and features. It is possible to hit the "start button" immediately (and any time during the intro) to access options and adjust settings for audio/video and controls, including subtitles and inverting vertical.

Play Set Games[]

There are a total of six Play Set Games for this Edition. The Disney Infinity 1.0 Starter Pack includes a Play Set Piece that allows the player to access three separate Play Set games. Additional Play Sets are sold separately.

Character Figures[]

There are a total of 36 Character Figures for this Edition, including seven Crystal Figures exclusive to some retailers. This includes Character Figures for the Play Sets, as well as six other Disney and Pixar franchises. While only the characters for a specific franchise can be used in each Play Set, any Character Figure can be used in the Toy Box.

List of Figures[]

See also Figures in 1.0.

Power Discs[]

There are 67 Power Discs for this Edition, including a number of rare discs exclusive to some retailers. Hexagonal Power Discs can only be used in the Toy Box, while Circular Power Discs can also be used in Play Sets.

Toy Box[]

Disney Infinity 1.0 includes a number of Prebuilt Toy Box Worlds; some of which are available by default, while others can be unlocked during game play. These can be edited and saved as new Toy Boxes.


Adventures can be accessed by stepping on the red world pad on the Disney Infinity Hub. There are three types:

Mastery Adventures[]

These single player Adventures act as tutorials in Disney Infinity 1.0. They can also unlock items in the Toy Box. The only Mastery Adventure Cars characters can access is Driving Mastery.

  • Building Mastery
  • Combat Mastery
  • Driving Mastery
  • Dynamics Mastery
  • Creativi-Toys Mastery Part 1
  • Creativi-Toys Mastery Part 2


These are the standard Adventures. Cars characters cannot access Gladiator Arena or Dome Defense.

Character Adventures[]

Character Adventures are adventures made for a specific character. They require the character to be in the player 1 position on the Disney Infinity Base in order to access the Adventure. In two-player mode, the other player can choose any character except the Cars characters, unless they are in a driving adventure. Also, not all Character Adventures are present on the Gold Editions for Steam. A select list of adventures are available with an icon of the character the player must use next to it. In addition, the player does not have to have the featured character on the virtual base to access their adventure, as it switches to that character automatically when booting up the adventure.

For a complete list, see Character Adventures.


  • Some of the international trailers contain a few alternate shots from the game.
  • The Pixar Ball is a projectile and has various other uses in Toy Box, just like in Toy Story 3: The Video Game.
  • The song playing in the trailer is Nero's "Me and You".
  • Certain music from the films also play. These include "Jessie's in Trouble" and "Zurg's Planet" by Randy Newman from Toy Story 2; "Saving Metroville" by Michael Giacchino from The Incredibles; "Wow" by Thomas Newman from Finding Nemo; the Condorman main theme by Mancini; "Peter Pan Ride Music" by Sammy Cahn and Sammy Fain from the Disneyland ride; "Sugar Rush Showdown" by Henry Jackman and Matthew Margeson from Wreck-It Ralph; "Re-Animation" by Danny Elfman from Frankenweenie; the end title from The Nightmare Before Christmas by Elfman; "Gitchee Gitchee Goo" by Jon Barry, Jeff Marsh and Dan Povenmire from Phineas and Ferb; "Sugar Rush" by Jamie Houston and Yasushi Akimoto from Wreck-It Ralph; "Recognizer" by Daft Punk from Tron: Legacy; "Mickey Mouse March" by Jimmie Dodd from The Mickey Mouse Club; "Something That I Want" by Grace Potter from Tangled; "All in the Golden Afternoon" by Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain from Alice in Wonderland; and tracks by Sasha Dikiciyan from the Tron: Evolution video game, and "WALL•E" by Thomas Newman from WALL-E.[2][3]
  • Although Lizzie, Sarge and Sheriff do not appear in the game, they are mentioned various times. Sarge was mentioned by Finn that he agreed to let Finn run Sarge's Surplus Hut while he is on vacation. Flo mentions that the hut needs to be built since Sarge and Sheriff are on vacation, as well as mentioning Lizzie as to find some of her license plates that are scattered around.
  • Some of the vintage posters for Cars 2 appear in Luigi's Casa Della Tires, although not in the Toy Box.
  • Although Tony Rydinger does not appear in the game, he was mentioned by Violet wondering what he was doing, and Dash singing "K-I-S-S-I-N-G" about Violet and Tony. Also, Jack-Jack Parr was mentioned by Mr. Incredible, who hopes that he will handle well with his babysitter. He was also mentioned by Mrs. Incredible, who also mentions Kari McKeen in different lines, wondering if she is handling Jack-Jack.
  • The Battle Races, turbo boost packs, and some music and sound effects from Cars 2: The Video Game are reused in the game.
  • Andy Davis, Flynn Rider, Pascal and Marshmallow are mentioned in the game.
  • Ferb Fletcher and Emperor Zurg were both intended to be Playable Characters in the original version of Disney Infinity. However, for unstated reasons, both were scrapped as playable characters.
  • The game's subtitles spell Arendelle as "Arandelle".


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