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List of Feats available in the Toy Box for Disney Infinity 1.0. Some of these can be completed during the course of normal game play, while others may require placing and/or interconnecting multiple objects in the Toy Box.


  • Feats that require leaving the ground and state "in one attempt" may complete while in the air, but the "attempt" itself is not complete until reaching the ground again. Consequently, it is not possible to complete feats such as "Air Time" and "Air Time 2" in the same attempt.
  • To use a "fan farm", place 36 Fans in a 6x6 grid. Get into a ground vehicle, approach the center of one side (between two placed Fans), and slowly drive up to it - without actually driving onto the Fans. Then, while stopped, jump once. If the vehicle is close enough, it will be caught in the upward draft of the Fans and begin to hover.


  • Air Croquet: Fly through an Arch Block
  • Air Time: Stay up in the air for 3 seconds with your ground vehicle in one try[1]
  • Air Time 2: Stay up in the air for 6 seconds with your ground vehicle in one try[1]
  • Backwards: Get 5 seconds of air time in reverse[1]
  • Barriers Not Included: Use your ground vehicle to jump over 100 objects in total[1]
  • Barriers Not Included 2: Use your ground vehicle to jump over 1000 objects in total[1]
  • Bash 'n' Smash: Destroy 500 Bashables
  • Blast Off!: Ride a ground vehicle off a Launch Ramp
  • Blipped!: Destroy 25 Blip Blocks in one session
  • Bringin' up Baddies[2]: Use an Enemy Creator
  • Broken In: Travel a total of 100 kilometers on a mount
  • Clown Car: Ride in a shrunk vehicle while oversized
  • Crash Course: Drift into 2 bashables in one try
  • Crazy Driver: Do two tricks in one try in a ground vehicle[1]
  • Crazy Driver 2: Do 3 tricks in one attempt[1]
  • Creator Extraordinaire: Place 500 blocks in total[3]
  • Creator Extraordinaire 2: Place 5000 blocks in total[3]
  • Daredevil: Do 4 different tricks in one attempt[4][1]
  • Destruction Zone: Destroy 5 bashables in under 5 seconds
  • Dodge Ball: Use a giant ball found in your Editor to hit 2 townspeople in under 2 seconds
  • Double Dribble: Bounce a giant ball found in your Editor off 2 enemies within 5 seconds
  • Drivin' You Crazy: Do 100 tricks in ground vehicles[1]
  • Drivin' You Crazy 2: Do 500 tricks in ground vehicles[1]
  • Equestrian: Jump over 10 meters with a mount in one attempt
  • Floatin' Along: Float for over 30 seconds[1]
  • Frequent Flying': Travel a total distance of 25 kilometers in air vehicles
  • Game Maker: Place 10 Creativi-Toys in one session
  • Game Maker Extraordinaire: Set up 100 Creativi-Toy connections.
  • Giddy Up!: Destroy 100 enemies while mounted in one session
  • Go Long!: Throw 100 townspeople
  • Goal!: Knock a giant ball found in your Editor into a soccer goal
  • Green Thumb: Place 5 Plants
  • Green Thumb 2: Place 50 Plants over the course of play[3]
  • Havin' a Bash: Destroy 100 bashables in one session
  • High Dive: Land in a Splash Pool after traveling 40 meters
  • High Hoppin': Jump 12 times in a single Wall Jump attempt
  • High Score: Score a soccer goal with an air vehicle
  • Hop and Spin: Jump from one Spinner to another
  • Hop Over:Jump directly over 10 Blocks with a ground vehicle in one attempt[5]
  • Hot Pursuit: Race around at top speed in your ground vehicle for 5 kilometers total
  • Hover Happy: Travel between 12 fans without touching any other toys[1]
  • It's Alive!: Cause 10 Creativi-Toys to react simultaneously.
  • Just for Kicks: Punt a townsperson
  • Just for Kicks 2: Punt 50 townspeople
  • Landscapin': Place 5 Terrain Blocks
  • Look Ma, No Road!: Spent over 10 minutes in the air in a ground vehicle[1]
  • Look Ma, No Road 2!: Spent over 30 minutes in the air in a ground vehicle[1]
  • Look Out Below!: Destroy 100 enemies with an air vehicle in one session
  • Lookin' Good!: Place 5 Decorations
  • Lookin' Good 2!: Place 50 Decorations over the course of play[3]
  • Master Builder: Place over 100 blocks in one session[3]
  • Monster Mount: Ride an oversized mount while shrunk
  • New World: Customize 5 terrain blocks while in Spark Mode or with the Magic Wand[6]
  • Next Floor Please: Ride an Elevator
  • Nifty Drifter: Drift for over 5 kilometers in total
  • Nifty Drifter 2: Drift for over 50 kilometers in total
  • Pest Control: Destroy 100 enemies
  • Pest Control 2: Destroy 1000 enemies
  • Please Stand to the Right: Stay on a Conveyer Belt[sic] for over 5 seconds[7]
  • Prize Collector: Have 5 Gold Statues in your Hall of Heroes
  • R.O.F.: Do a trick through the Ring of Fire
  • Rapid Rider: Keep going as fast as you can on your mount for 30 seconds
  • Road Rage: Destroy 100 enemies with a ground vehicle in one session
  • Saddle Sore: Jump over 100 objects with your mount during the course of play
  • Sharp Shooter: Shoot 1000 objects
  • Sharp Shooter 2: Shoot 5000 objects
  • Sky Driving: Jump over 400 meters in one attempt in your ground vehicle[8][1]
  • Sky Driving 2: Jump over 800 meters in one attempt in your ground vehicle[1]
  • Slide Swipe:Drift into a townsperson
  • Speedy Steed: Ride your mount at top speed for 5 kilometers total
  • Spinning Shot: Shoot an enemy while on a Spinner
  • Straight Shooter: Shoot 5 enemies in under 5 seconds
  • Straight Shootin': Shoot 10 objects in one session
  • Straight Shootin' 2: Shoot 500 objects in one session
  • Sunday Driver: Travel a total distance of 100 kilometers in ground vehicles
  • Supersonic: Use 2 Super Cannons without hitting the ground[9]
  • Track Changin': Customize a track piece[10]
  • Trickin': Do a trick in reverse
  • Tricky: Do a trick while going boost speed in your ground vehicle
  • Triple Tricker: Do 3 tricks while going boost speed in your ground vehicle[11]
  • Turbo Booster: Use 25 boost pads in one session
  • Turbo Charged: Boost in a ground vehicle 100 times
  • Turbo Charged 2: Boost in a ground vehicle 500 times
  • Wrecking Crew: Destroy 25 enemies in one session
  • Wrecking Machine: Destroy 2 enemies in 10 seconds
  • Wrecking Machine 2: Destroy 3 enemies in 10 seconds
  • Wrecking Machine 3: Destroy 5 enemies in 10 seconds


  1. 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 This can be accomplished by placing 36 Fans in a 6x6 arrangement, slowly and carefully jumping onto them, and then performing the Feat for a sufficient count or time for it to complete.
  2. This Feat may self-complete in the Toy Box Launch the first time it spawns enemies.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 This can be completed by using the Toy Box Editor, selecting the appropriate item, picking a starting point, then holding the "Place" button down while using the left stick to move the indicator along until the goal is reached and the Feat awarded.
  4. This means exactly what it says: different. Flick the right stick forward, backward, left, right (in any order), as each does a different trick.
  5. Place two Flat Race Track Ramp end to end, then line up 10 Square Blocks at the end of the second one in the direction of travel. Build up turbo in a Ground Vehicle, then drive up the ramp, use Turbo Boost, and jump. The Feat will complete if all 10 blocks are cleared during the jump.
  6. Customizing the same block with the same style, even if it's a default style, will complete this.
  7. This can be completed by placing two Conveyor Belt toys end to end, or placing one and walking the opposite direction, and staying on for 5 seconds.
  8. Doing endless tricks while floating over a group of Fans appears to complete this.
  9. Place one Super Cannon in the Toy Box. Place the second one facing it, aligned on the marker from the first. Press the tilt button on each once, to change their angle to 45 degrees. Enter either Super Cannon, and wait for the Feat to complete.
  10. Customizing the same piece with the same style, even if it's a default style, will complete this.
  11. Place 4 Large Terrain Blocks end to end. Starting at one end of the blocks and moving toward the others, place 9 Flat Race Track Ramp end to end. Build up turbo in a ground vehicle, drive up the ramp, turbo boost right before leaving the end of the ramp, and then immediately move the right stick to perform 3 tricks and complete the Feat.