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4.0 book
The storybook which was to appear in the opening of the game.
Disney Infinity 4.0
Developer(s) Avalanche Software
Additional Work:
Ninja Theory (Star Wars: Rogue One Play Set)
Studio Gobo (Moana Play Set)
Distributor(s) Disney Interactive
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Release date(s) 2017 (cancelled)
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition

Disney Infinity 4.0 was to be an action-adventure sandbox game developed by Avalanche Software and published by Disney Interactive.

It was the planned sequel to Disney Infinity 3.0, and was initially slated for release in 2017, before it was announced in May 2016 that Disney was ending production of the Disney Infinity series, and the game was cancelled.


The game would have followed multiple plots, with a different one in each Play Set, like its predecessors.

It is unknown exactly what would have occurred in each Play Set. It is also unknown which Play Set would have been released with the 4.0 Starter Pack.

Gameplay and New Features

Disney Infinity 4.0 would have followed the set up of the series previous installments. However, two new features were to be introduced in 4.0 that would have changed the way the game worked; a Toy Box Story Mode (see below) and the long-awaited update of all 1.0 and 2.0 playable characters' skill trees and move sets to be updated with the 3.0 mechanics.

Toy Box Story Mode would have allowed players to play through a set of missions in the Toy Box with any character they wanted.[1]. One level would have included an Agrabah area with new Agrabah Guard enemies and a Snake Jafar boss battle[2].

Additional Content

Other content that would have been added to the 4.0 Edition would have included material from Cars 3, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Coco, Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, and Thor: Ragnarok.[1] It is unknown how these films would be featured in the games, whether as Play Sets, Toy Box Only figures, and/or as Power Discs.

Hasbro was also approached to help design the 12-inch figures.[1]