Figures on the INFINITY Base

"Here it is, the Disney Infinity Base! This is the treasure... the gateway to worlds untold, with limitless possibilities, all created by you!"
-Toy Box Host, Disney Treasure Hunt

The Disney Infinity Base is a game piece in the Disney Infinity games. It is a hexagonal flat platform onto which figures are placed in order to play as them in the games. The base has three slots, two circular and one hexagonal. The hexagonal slot is for play set pieces and hexagonal power discs, or the power discs that spawn toys or change customizations in the Toy Box. The two circular slots are for figures, as well as circular power discs, which can be stacked under the figures to give them special abilities. Players can place up to three hexagonal discs and two circular discs on the base at one time. Also, the platform emits different colors of light.



The PlayStation Vita Base

For Disney INFINITY, there are six different kinds of bases:

  • One for the Wii, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, making it the only cross-platform base.
  • One for the Xbox 360.
  • One for the Xbox One. Unlike on the other home consoles, the Xbox bases are not cross-compatible, as older Xbox 360 peripherals do not work on the Xbox One.
  • One for the Apple TV. This base is colored black instead of white/grey like the other bases, and connects via Bluetooth.
  • One for the Nintendo 3DS. This battery-powered base is for the platform-exclusive Disney Infinity: Toy Box Challenge, and has space for only one figure. It connects to the platform wirelessly via infrared.
  • One for the PlayStation Vita, which is sold in the Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition PlayStation Vita Starter Pack. It uses a USB cable that can be detached from both sides. Like the 3DS base, it has space for only one figure.

The physical base is not used in the digital versions of the game for PC and mobile devices, as it would require different device drivers for the separate bases.


  • When there's a red blinking light it means that the figure/power disc/play set is either removed or in a wrong place.
  • 2.0 bases work for 3.0 and vice versa.


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