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Disney Infinity Vault
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Welcome to the Toy Vault! Go ahead, take a spin.
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Disney Infinity Vault (aka the Toy Vault) is only available in Disney Infinity 1.0. It is where you can acquire additional toys for the Toy Box. It can be accessed via the yellow World Pad on the Disney Infinity Hub, or from the Pause menu. It displays sixteen locked Toys at a time.

In later editions, the Disney Infinity Vault is replaced by the Toy Store.


Spins can be obtained by:

  • three free spins awarded the first time the player uses the Disney Infinity Vault,
  • finding Spin Capsules in the Toy Box Launch (there are at least 10 to be found),
  • leveling Playable Characters (each level earns one Spin; 15 levels, 37 characters including Infinite Crystal Series and Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickeys, for 555),
  • completing Mastery Adventures (one Spin for each of the 6 Mastery Adventures completed),
  • completing other Adventures, including Character Adventures (one Spin per Medal; 29 unique Character Adventures, 9 Adventures under the Travel menu, 3 Medals possible per Adventure, for 114),
  • completing Gold Star Missions in Play Set Games (30 Gold Star Missions per Play Set Game, 6 Play Set Games, for 180), and
  • completing Challenges in Play Set Games (number varies by Play Set, as some are character specific, and the number of Playable Characters also varies by Play Set, with at least one Challenge available to all characters; at least 20 Play Set specific character Challenges, at least 6 "all character" challenges, 3 Medals per challenge, for at least 78),

for a total of at least 946 Spins.

Lucky Toys

"A Lucky Toy! They give bonuses like Sparks, additional turns, and mystery prizes! Lucky toys have a yellow outline." --Toy Box Narrator

Landing on them will unlock an additional item, such as a Skydome, Texture Set, or other Toy.

For a list of possible items, see Lucky Toys.


It should be noted that at some point, even with Spins still available to the player, attempting to use the Disney Infinity Vault will display the message "No items available", indicating that the player has obtained all items that may be acquired from the Disney Infinity Vault.

Consequently, some players may choose the following approach when using the Disney Infinity Vault:

  • only use the Disney Infinity Vault when there are at least 16 spins available (as this covers the extreme possibility that the last item left is a Toy the player wants - and its marked as a Lucky Toy),
  • Shuffle the list (when possible) until both Lucky Toys are Toys the player wants,
  • use the first spin to unlock the Tower Fort (which is always the first Toy awarded),
  • continue to Spin without re-shuffling until the Agrabah Guard is awarded (in order to unblock that space in the listing), both Lucky Toys are obtained, and any other desired toys in the list are obtained.

The fewer sessions of shuffling the list and spinning until both Lucky Toys are obtained, the sooner the player will exhaust the list of Lucky Toys and begin receiving Sparks instead.

It is also recommended to initially focus on those Toys required to complete Toy Box Feats.


  • When you access the Disney Infinity Vault using the Disney Infinity Hub in the Toy Box Launch for the first time, you are given three free spins, and there is no Shuffle option. The Back option is disabled, but it is still possible to exit the game to the console's Home screen. If this is done, upon returning to the game, the three free spins may not be reflected in the player's total, if the game has yet saved them. If so, they will be offered again the next time the player enters the Toy Box Launch.
  • If you access the Disney Infinity Vault via the Pause menu first, the Shuffle option will be present and functional, as will the Back option.
  • The Back option will remain disabled when accessing Disney Infinity Vault via the Disney Infinity Hub until it is used for a spin - or until the game saves its state after having awarded the free spins.
  • The Tower Fort will always be in the selection until awarded, no matter how many times Shuffle is used, and the first spin will always unlock the Tower Fort, regardless of how the Disney Infinity Vault was accessed (whether via the yellow World Pad on the Disney Infinity Hub or via the Pause menu).
  • The Agrabah Guard will always be in the selection until awarded, and will always have the yellow Lucky Toy outline.
  • If you replay Introduction to the Toy Box and have at least one Spin, and you remain in the Toy Box Launch and access the yellow World Pad on the Toy Box Hub, it will behave as if you haven't used it previously and remove the Shuffle option until you Spin.
  • When using the Shuffle option, it will occasionally only mark a single Toy as a Lucky Toy.
  • The Identity Disc was added to the Vault on November 5th, 2013.[citation needed]
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