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"There are tales of a treasure that is the key to unlock worlds untold. Whoever finds this treasure can wield the power to create magical realms not yet imagined. But not all will find it, for it can only be found by those lucky enough to follow the Guiding Star." --Toy Box Narrator

Disney Treasure Hunt is automatically started the first time a new player starts Disney Infinity 2.0. It serves as both a demo and a brief tutorial on using the controller. Once completed, it can be replayed by selecting Toy Box > Disney Treasure Hunt from the main menu.

Note: Prior to starting the tutorial, it is possible to hit the Start button on the controller to access and change options, including captions and controller defaults. This may be useful (and even necessary) if, for example, the player is used to having the Y-axis controls inverted.

For a complete walkthrough as captioned, see Disney Treasure Hunt/Walkthrough.


  • There are twenty-five blue Sparks hidden throughout the Disney Treasure Hunt (nine in Agrabah, eight in London, eight in the Scottish Highlands). If they are all collected, the feat: "Off to a Running Spark" will be completed.
  • In Agrabah, Townspeople from Aladdin are seen. These are not unlockable in the Toy Box.
  • After Donald falls off the Guiding Star in London, the player briefly flies through the Darling children's bedroom in the Darling House. Some INterior Decorations are seen, like Wendy Darling's Bed. Peter Pan's shadow is also seen moving on the wall, as shown in the gallery below.
  • Donald is present in all of the sections except the Scottish Highlands.
  • Despite the fact that this Edition is centered on Marvel, has all of its Play Sets themed to Marvel, and is even referred to as Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, there are no Marvel Characters in Disney Treasure Hunt.
  • The only references to Marvel are Hiro and Baymax's appearance and the city where the end sequence takes place, which may or may not be "Marvel Manhattan".


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