ESPN Soccer Goal
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Editor (1.0) Sports Toys
ESPN Soccer Goal is first available in Disney Infinity 1.0.

How to obtain:

Where to find in the Toy Box Editor:

  • In 1.0, it can be found in the "Sports Toys" category while in Build View.
  • In later editions:

Its primary use is in sports games as a method of scoring. After a point is scored, the goal will automatically eject the ball.

Logic Connections


Goal Scored (1.0)
to signal another toy when the ESPN Soccer Goal registers a goal.


None (1.0)


None (1.0)


  • While the ESPN Soccer Goal can technically be used for other types of games as well, the base includes a physical edge than can block other toys such as the ESPN Hockey Puck from entering, unless they're hit with sufficient force to overcome it.
  • If a player who is trying to create a soccer game does not ensure that the field is long enough, the ESPN Soccer Goal will automatically kick any ball that is shot into it into the opposing team's goal.


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