Elsa Disney Infinity
IcoN-hex-Toy Box 1.0 IcoN-Edition-1.0
Franchise Frozen
Model INF-1000025
Costume Elsa Costume
Voiced by Idina Menzel[1]
Combat Ranged
"She may have a chilly disposition, but there's no one cooler than this Queen of Arendelle!"
--Hall of Heroes statue inscription

Elsa (aka Princess Elsa, Queen Elsa, The Snow Queen) is a character from the Walt Disney Pictures Frozen movie, and is included in the Frozen Toy Box Pack. She may be used in:

"Elsa's Snowy Slingshot" is added to the Disney Infinity 1.0 Adventures menu when the figure is placed on the Disney Infinity Base.

She was released along with her younger sister Anna in the Frozen Toy Box Pack on November 26th,[2]shortly after the film's release in theaters. She was officially announced at the 2013 D23 Expo. She was released later by herself in March 2014 as a character from Wave 3.


Elsa has snow and ice related magic powers. She is seen throwing her Freeze Balls at enemies. She also can use her power to summon an icy wind. Her Special Ability is "Marksman".

In Disney Infinity 1.0, Elsa has two Character Chests which unlock the Elsa Costume and a Giant Snowball.


For more quotes from this character, see Elsa/Quotes.
  • How nice to meet you. I'm Queen Elsa.
  • Wanna come join me for some more fun?
  • You see? I don't like to be threatened.



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