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Enemy Creator
Enemy Creator
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When this beacon is activated, enemies will be randomly introduced into your Toy Box from time to time.
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Enemy Creator (aka Enemy Dispenser[1]) is first available in Disney Infinity 1.0.

How to obtain:

  • 1.0 and 2.0: It is unlocked by default.
  • 3.0: It is unlocked by default.[2]

Where to find in the Editors:

It features a button on the front of the toy. Pressing it will activate a red spotlight out of the top and a siren, and start spawning random waves of Enemies on the terrain.[3] Pressing it again will remove all of the Enemies that were spawned by it and stop spawning new waves. It may also randomly self-start.

Logic Connections[]

The Enemy Creator can be connected to Creativi-Toys, acting as and/or being triggered by other toys.


Enabled (1.0)
to signal another toy when the Enemy Creator is Enabled.
Disabled (1.0)
to signal another toy when the Enemy Creator is Disabled.
Wave Started (1.0)
to signal another toy when the Enemy Creator starts an enemy wave.
Wave Stopped (1.0)
to signal another toy when the Enemy Creator stops an enemy wave.


Turn On (1.0)
to turn the Enemy Creator On
Turn Off (1.0)
to turn the Enemy Creator Off[4]
Start (1.0)
to start an enemy wave.
Stop (1.0)
to stop an enemy wave.


  1. The Narrator in Disney Infinity 1.0 refers to this as the "Enemy Dispenser" when the game first places it in the Toy Box Launch.
  2. This item is listed with a cost of 1 Spark in the Toy Store despite being unlocked by default .
  3. There does not appear to be a distance limitation; very large Toy Boxes may end up with widely scattered Enemies.
  4. This feature does not work in any Edition, as sending it this signal and subsequently pressing the button or sending a Start signal will still start an enemy wave. This can be confirmed by connecting its output to an Area Light when Enabled and Disabled, and observing that it will still function when disabled or turned off.