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Escape from the Kyln
HexIcoN-game-Guardians of the Galaxy.png IcoN-Edition-2.0.png
Game Type Toy Box Game
Model INF-2000104
Genre Dungeon Adventure
Studio Marvel
Franchise Guardians of the Galaxy
Figures Any Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes figure
Enemies Frost Giants, Symbiotes, Sakaaran, Short Ranged Drone, Kamikaze Drone, Knowhere Omni-Blaster Turret, Sakaaran Omni-Blaster Turret, Sakaaran Omni-Missile Turret
Customization Asgardian Sky, The Golden Realm of Asgard

Banner-2.0-Escape from the Kyln.jpg

Escape from the Kyln is a Dungeon Adventure type Toy Box Game based on Guardians of the Galaxy, and is available in the Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Pack. All Marvel Super Heroes figures and their abilities can be used.


In Guardians of the Galaxy, The Kyln is the prison that Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon are held in before they escape with Drax. Ronan also appears at the Kyln in the movie, which may explain why he is on the Toy Box Game disc.

An additional feature in Escape from the Kyln is the ability to recruit Sidekicks, which help players defeat enemies, find treasures, and trigger actions.

The gameplay style is similar to Brave Forest Siege, which also includes the ability to recruit Sidekicks.


  • The image of Ronan on the disc is of his concept art rather than his in-game model. This was probably done so that Ronan would not be revealed as being playable before his official announcement, as Escape from the Kyln was revealed before Ronan was.


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