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Falling Object Generator
Falling Object Generator
Disney Infinity
A generator that will drop falling objects into you Toy Box when it is triggered by other Creativi-Toys.
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Falling Object Generator is first available in Disney Infinity 1.0.

How to obtain:

Where to find in the Editors:

This can be used to dispense falling toys into the Toy Box (e.g. a ball for a Sports genre game).

Logic Connections[]


Spawned (1.0)

to activate another toy when the Falling Object Generator dispenses a toy.

Defeated Spawned Toy (1.0)

to activate another toy when a toy dispensed by the Falling Object Generator has been defeated.


  • ESPN Bowling Ball (1.0)
  • ESPN Soccer Ball (1.0)
  • ESPN Basketball (1.0)
  • ESPN Baseball (1.0)
  • ESPN Football (1.0)
  • ESPN Tennis Bal (1.0)
  • ESPN Golf Ball (1.0)
  • ESPN Hockey Puck (1.0)
to have the Falling Object Generator dispense the selected toy.
Remove All
to remove all dispensed toys from the Toy Box.


None (1.0)


  1. This item is listed with a cost of 1 Spark in the Toy Store despite being unlocked by default .