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Fear Tech Students is an enemy from Avalanche Software's Monsters, Inc.. It first appears in Disney Infinity 1.0.

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The Fear Tech Students are enemies first introduced in Disney Infinity 1.0. They originate from the Monsters University Play Set (although they never actually appear in the Monsters University film), and are all unlockable in Toy Box.

Fear-It Week, the annual prank competition between M.U. and Fear Tech, is underway, and the Fear Tech students are there to make sure that M.U. does not win. They are mostly seen at Fear Tech, but they also sometimes travel to M.U. to play pranks on the school and students.


Fear Tech Students come in nine different types:


  • In early demos of Disney Infinity 1.0, there was only one design for the Fear Tech Student as opposed to the three general designs featured in the final game. This design resembled that of Fear Tech Student 2, except its eyes were up on stalks rather than on its body, and it had a row of horns going from its head to its shoulders, as well as many spikes on the backs of the hands. The "Fear Tech Student" variant of this design looked almost exactly like Fear Tech Student 2, and was exactly the same colors as it, but it wore the number 00 on its jersey rather than 23, and had pink polka dots on its legs.[1] Its Default Tool was a Toilet Paper Launcher.[2] The "Fear Tech Paintball Player" version of this design was red/magenta pink rather than orange, and wore a yellow paintball vest splattered with paint. Its hands and head were covered by purple spikes. As with all Fear Tech paintball players, its default tool was the Paintball Gun.[3]


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