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Playset-3.0-Finding Dory
Finding Dory Play Set
HexIcoN-game-Finding Dory IcoN-Edition-3.0
Game Type Play Set Game
Model INF-2000300
Genre Exploration
Studio Pixar
Franchise Finding Nemo

Banner-3.0-Finding Dory Play Set
The Finding Dory Play Set is a Play Set Game in Disney Infinity 3.0, and was the final game to be released for Disney Infinity.

Game Play[]

After hearing about an unexpected flood at the Marine Life Institute, Dory, Nemo, Marlin, and friends rush to the aid of the lost fish to help them find their way to safety before the tanks are drained.

  • Build a custom reef to help rescued fish
  • Just keep swimming in a classic side-scrolling adventure
  • Guide lost fish to freedom through multiple levels
  • Shoot bubbles to stun and eliminate enemies


Cutscene 1: Nemo is looking for Dory. He finds her and is joined by his father Marlin, who exclaims to her when she swam behind him, and Hank. Dory tells everyone that she was talking to a sea creature about a Flood from the MLI. Everyone decides to go with her.

Cutscene 2: Everyone gets to the MLI safely. Dory sees some pipes but Hank grabs her and tells her that Bailey needs to scan the resolution with his echolocation. Bailey does so and realizes that the drains lead straight to the seagulls!

Cutscene 3: Marlin, Nemo and Dory get into the open ocean exhibit and Bailey tells them about the Toy Piranhas whilst Dory sees two and gets bitten by them.

Cutscene 4: Nemo and Dory come out seemingly the wrong pipe. Bailey tries asking them where they are. Dory and Nemo realize that they’re underneath Bailey as he tells them that the fish in the Touch Pool need saving. Dory, channeling her inner Dory, says, “To Quarantine!” to which Bailey corrects her.

Cutscene 5: Everyone makes it as the Toy Piranhas’ (and possibly Toy Eels') corpses got bitten by the seagulls.

Playable Characters[]

Cast Members (NPCs)[]


  • While the opening scene during the initial trip to the MLI appears to show a (great white) shark that looks similar to "Bruce" from the movie Finding Nemo, it isn't named, captioned, voiced, or otherwise referred to by name as if it was actually "Bruce".


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